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COVID-19 Resource Center04-08-2020
It Takes us All to Flatten the Curve04-07-2020
Talk to a Doctor from Home04-03-2020
Understanding the 2 Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package04-01-2020
Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus03-13-2020
Out-of-Pocket Costs: 4 Things to Know03-06-2020
A Heart-to-Heart on Heart Disease02-27-2020
Picking an Individual Health Plan for 2020 in Arizona12-04-2019
An Excellent Option for Small Employers11-13-2019
2020 Medicare Open Enrollment is Here!10-11-2019
ACA Affordability Percentage Will Decrease For 202008-13-2019
Happy Independence Day!07-02-2019
Keeping Kids Healthy And Sane In A Digital World – from Kaiser Health News06-06-2019
Proposed Regulations Expanding Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) Released10-24-2018
On Memorial Day05-26-2018
Final regulations and related guidance on 2019 Affordable Care Act (ACA) provisions04-11-2018
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Medicare Members *ALERT*01-24-2018
IRS Issues New Guidance on Qualified Small Employer HRAs11-03-2017
Obamacare Open Enrollment Starts Today11-01-2017
President Trump Signs Executive Order10-12-2017
We’ve been nominated for a 2017 Copper Cactus Award !08-03-2017
2018 Health Savings Account Contribution Limits Announced06-27-2017
Health Net’s Wellness Tools for Members and Prospective Members06-07-2017
Know the signs: Recognizing oral cancer04-25-2017
Two from Ronstadt Insurance, Recognized by CMS as Nationwide Top Performers01-30-2017
Health Net IFP Members Will Receive Replacement Renewal Notice11-04-2016
Is Social Security considered income when enrolling in a plan through the
Is Your Business at Risk for Fair Labor Standards Act Fines?10-18-2016
10 EEOC Tips for your Small Business10-11-2016
Buying Individual Health Insurance between 2/1/2016 – 12/31/201606-30-2016
Health Net Individual and Family PPO Insurance Update01-24-2016
Read / Write a Google + Review Please12-03-2015
Great Yelp Write-up12-03-2015
Health Insurance Open Enrollment 3.0 – Tips to solving your options11-10-2015
2016 Medicare Open Enrollment is Under Way10-15-2015
Happy July 4th!07-03-2015
Exemptions from the fee for not having health coverage04-27-2015
Marketplace Policies May Require Additional Information04-14-2015
Employee Handbook Spring Cleaning03-25-2015
Proof of Health Coverage03-06-2015
Bill Introduced to Allow Individual Medical Plan Premium Reimbursement01-30-2015
Sole Proprietor Groups with No Common Law Employees Enrolled Must Move to an Individual Plans12-15-2014
ATTENTION Health Net Ruby 1 & Jade members12-12-2014
2015 Medicare Solutions – Come out and see us at one of our Medicare Seminars10-17-2014
Individual Medical Plan Can Incur Excise Tax09-10-2014
Health Net of Arizona Update: Termination of Northwest Medical Center and Oro Valley Hospital09-04-2014
Preparing for a Checkup When You Haven’t Seen a Doctor in Years — Dr. Mark Hackman — UHC TV09-04-2014
What can I do if I lose coverage?07-12-2014
Lose Weight Fast, but Safely – From our Friends at United Healthcare06-05-2014
Penalty Steep for Employer Reimbursing of Individual Health Insurance Plans06-05-2014
Good News for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Customers05-09-2014
Can I Buy a Health Insurance Policy After the Annual Election Period?04-23-2014
Final Regulations Released on the 90-day Waiting Period Limit02-21-2014
Final Regulations Implementing the Employer Shared Responsibility Provisions of the ACA02-12-2014
Working Together – A Health Net Member’s Story12-29-2013
What If I Don’t Like The Coverage Offered By My Employer?12-27-2013
Subsidy/Tax Credit Calculator11-20-2013
Individual Mandate Penalty Delayed11-01-2013
Losing Coverage? We can help!10-30-2013
Which Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA) are allowed in 2014?10-05-2013
Please Be Patient & Call Us If You Need Help10-02-2013
IRS Issues Proposed Rules on Employer Reporting of Health Plan Coverage09-06-2013
HSAs and Same-Sex Couples09-05-2013
Metal Levels for Qualified Health Plans08-07-2013
Rebates, Rebates, Rebates07-18-2013
Premium Subsidies, How much do you qualify for?07-12-2013
Employer Mandate Delayed until 201507-02-2013
Thank You For Completing Our Survey!06-07-2013
IRS Announces 2014 HSA and HDHP Limits05-30-2013
Healthcare Group of Arizona Alert05-22-2013
Blue Cross MedicareRxSM (PDP) Formularies Updated04-15-2013
Golden Rule Enhances Individual Health Insurance03-28-2013
DOL Releases Final FMLA Regulations02-11-2013
Federal Rule Limits Aid to Families02-07-2013
Myths of Weight Loss Are Plentiful, Researcher Says02-01-2013
New Strain of Norovirus Spreading Quickly in U.S.01-31-2013
More U.S. Adults Need Vaccines for Pneumonia, Tetanus, Diphtheria, Hepatitis, Shingles & Whooping Cough01-30-2013
Internal Revenue Service Gives Employers a Break01-22-2013
Wellness Programs Get Booster Shot from Feds01-11-2013
Employers Must Offer Family Care Regardless of Cost01-08-2013
Flu Activity Picks Up Nationwide01-07-2013
Happy New Year !!12-30-2012
2013 Healthnet ID Card Changes12-26-2012
Healthcare Reform Fees to Affect Premiums, Rates12-19-2012
What is PHI ?12-11-2012
Are HSAs the New 401(k) Plans?12-05-2012
Arizona to let Federal Government set up healthcare insurance exchange11-29-2012
Medicare has released the 2013 costs. As expected, they did rise slightly…see below:11-23-2012
New Summary of Benefits & Coverage10-04-2012
Life Insurance Awareness Month09-05-2012
Should You Keep Your Grandfathered Status?08-27-2012
Excuses, Excuses08-27-2012
Using Generic Medications can Help in Tough Economy08-07-2012
Immunizations are not just for children08-02-2012
United Healthcare MLR Final Rebate Reports Available by July 1307-12-2012
An Open Letter to All of our Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Customers07-03-2012
Just in Case You Were Curious. . .06-29-2012
Supreme Court Upholds Health Care Reform Law06-28-2012
How to Prevent Skin Cancer, and Why It’s So Important05-21-2012
United Healthcare’s Healthy LifeCycles Video Series Promotes Health and Wellness05-15-2012
2013 Health Savings Account Contribution Announced05-14-2012
20 Ways to Stop Allergies05-08-2012
Convenient Direct Bill Pay saves members time and money05-08-2012
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Chief Medical Officer notes concerns, approaches on youth obesity05-03-2012
It’s Blood Pressure Awareness Month05-03-2012
“I Love My Paycheck” Photo Contest05-01-2012
GeoBlue Provides New Coverage Option for International Employees, Travelers05-01-2012
Medication Safety in the home: ‘Lock it up’ says FDA04-24-2012
Coming Up: Disability Insurance Awareness Month04-24-2012
Why Your Allergies Are Bugging You04-17-2012
Scientists discovered 1,000 genes that may be involved in autism04-10-2012
April is National Autism Awareness Month04-05-2012
Your weight: Success for Life04-03-2012
Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)03-30-2012
‘Child Life Event’ to Raise Funds for ‘Child Life Specialist Program’ at Diamond Children’s03-20-2012
Medicare Eligibility Tool03-13-2012
National Poll: Most Small Businesses Have No Clue of How Self-Insured Groups Work03-13-2012
It’s Write A Will Month03-13-2012
Tips on finding the right Medicare coverage02-23-2012
February: Heart Health Awareness Month02-21-2012
We Can Learn From Fruit Flys02-21-2012
Retail Health Clinic or Urgent Care?02-15-2012
UnitedHealth Group Brings its Diabetes Prevention and Control Alliance Program to Safeway Stores in Tucson02-07-2012
Start the Year Healthy02-07-2012
Walk With A Doc starts today at Rudy Garcia Park02-04-2012
Don’t Let the Rising Cost of Health Care Stress You Out! Get the HSA Advantage02-02-2012
Trips To The Doctor Go Miles Toward Reimbursement02-02-2012
Your Health Savings Account Can Be Your Long Term Safety Net01-31-2012
Make The Most Of Your Health Care Dollars01-31-2012
The Health Savings Account Advantage01-26-2012
Childhood Immunization & Well Child Visits01-21-2012
It’s Glaucoma Awareness Month. Are you at risk?01-19-2012
Changes in Medicare for 201201-10-2012
8 Ways to Maximize and Spend Down Your FSA Before 201212-09-2011
HHS Charts Progress with State Exchanges, Details Extensions, Tweaks12-07-2011
Health Insurance Exchanges: Promoting Healthy Competition12-05-2011
Defining Essential Benefits: To What Extent?12-03-2011
Attention Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Members11-30-2011
Defining Essential Benefits: Medical Necessity Worries11-18-2011
Transition of Care (TOC) Program11-16-2011
What Is Your Health Insurance IQ?11-16-2011
November’s Long-Term Care Month11-11-2011
Now until December 7th, it’s Medicare Open Enrollment time!11-09-2011
Defining Essential Benefits11-09-2011
IRS Announces 2012 HSA, HDHP Limits06-28-2011
Accountable Care Organizations: What are they?05-20-2011
Welcome to the relaunch of our Website!05-04-2011
Health-plan details elude most Americans09-17-2010
Health & Wellness: The Shift from Managing Illness to Promoting Health09-17-2010
Some tips to get the best health care09-17-2010
Longer life spans are expected before long09-17-2010
Google Offers Personal Health Records on the Web09-17-2010
Six Million Americans Enrolled in High Deductible Health Plans09-17-2010
Health Insurance Lags Most in the Southwest, CDC says09-17-2010
2009 HSA Guidelines09-17-2010
Healthcare Costs Trend Down09-17-2010
6 Ways to Save on Prescription Drugs09-17-2010
How to Take American Health Care From Worst to First09-17-2010