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Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Update

Here are a few important perks and reminders if you have an Individual or Family ACA policy bought from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona:
All members can earn up to $100 throughout the year by taking healthy actions like preventive screenings. Download the rewards program flyer to learn what steps your client should take and how to start earning rewards on their Mastercard® gift card. 
Members have up to two free PCP visits per year with their plan regardless of diagnosis1. Members can find out how many free PCP visits are included in their health plan by reviewing their summary of benefits.
Members can save on everyday drugs with our Tier 1a prescription drug list. If your client’s prescription isn’t listed, they should speak to their doctor to see if there’s an equivalent low-cost option that could work for them instead.
If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 520-721-4848.