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Medication Safety in the home: ‘Lock it up’ says FDA

The FDA notes that, ““Every year thousands of children are hospitalized – and some die – after taking medicine not meant for them.”

Toddlers are attracted to the colorful pills that resemble candy, and teens share stolen prescription drugs at ‘pharm parties.’

According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), locking up medications in your home can even minors from accidentally or intentional using them. As the FDA explains, “Studies estimate that up to 50 percent of harm from medication use could be prevented.”

As part of the Safe Use Initiative, the  FDA website explains the advantages of locking up medications in the home.

This video features FDA pharmacist Connie Jung explaining how to lower the risk of harm by locking up your meds:

As seen on the FDA’s website, the Safe Use Initiative’s goals are “to foster collaborations within the healthcare community that will help prevent medication errors, misuse and abuse.”

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