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Coming Up: Disability Insurance Awareness Month

67% of American workers don’t have Long Term Disability insurance through their employers, leaving them financially and physically vulnerable.

May is Disability Insurance Awareness month, and now is a great time to learn the risks of disability, the benefits of planning and the importance of having a solid income protection plan.

We support the Council for Disability Awareness and the LIFE Foundation, who have assembled various resources to increase such disability-related knowledge.

CDA Resources

  • New, improved Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ) tool– Calculate your chances of becoming disabled.
  • America’s Disability Counter – Be reminded about the frequency of disability.
  • The Disability Divide: Advisor Study – Explore the gap between consumers’ attitudes and advisors’ perceptions of those attitudes, about disabilities and their potential threat to their financial security.
  • Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ) calculator – Determine the value of your most important financial resource, your income. Will be live May 1.

LIFE’s Producer Toolkit

  • Protect Your Paycheck microsite – If you earn a paycheck, you need to protect it with disability insurance.
  • Downloadable flyers
  • Social media resources
  • Online calculators, videos, e-cards

(Information provided by Assurant Employee Benefits)

Disability Insurance Awareness Month presents a great opportunity to educate people about the role of disability insurance in income protection. Need a disability insurance quote? Click the top right link on our home page!