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Health Net Individual and Family PPO Insurance Update

healthnetHealth Net of Arizona will require proof of Arizona permanent residency and payment of first month’s premium prior to considering an Individual & Family Plan (IFP) PPO enrollment application. 
All IFP PPO applications are currently pended and will require the Proof of Permanent Residency form. This form has been filed with the Department of Insurance and is awaiting approval. As soon as we have approval, we will be reaching out to these applicants and will notify you once the form is implemented.
At this time, their online enrollment tool is only available for the quoting of plans and rates and not for enrollment in PPO policies. To enroll in Health Net PPO products, paper applications must be submitted. Call us at (520) 721-4848 for a paper application. 
A summary of Health Net residency requirements are as follows. 

  • Must be a permanent resident of Arizona prior to the requested effective date.
  • Must provide one (1) form of proof. Acceptable proof of residency documents are:
    • Current Arizona driver’s license or identification card.
    • Current and valid Arizona vehicle registration form in the applicant’s name.
    • Evidence the applicant is employed in Arizona.
    • Evidence the applicant has registered with a public or private employment agency in Arizona.
    • Evidence that the applicant has enrolled his/her children in an Arizona school.
    • Evidence that the applicant is receiving public assistance in Arizona.
    • Voter registration form of receipt, voter notification card or an abstract of voter registration.
    • Current Arizona utility bill in the applicant’s name.
    • Current Arizona rent or mortgage payment receipt in the applicant’s name. Rent receipts provided by a relative shall not be accepted.
    • Mortgage deed showing primary residency.
    • Lease agreement in the applicant’s name.
    • Government mail in the applicant’s name (SSA statement, DMV notice, etc.).