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Sole Proprietor Groups with No Common Law Employees Enrolled Must Move to an Individual Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Dental plansBeginning in plan year 2015, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) will no longer be able to renew groups that do not have at least 1 enrolled common law employee when the business is wholly owned by an Individual or by the Individual and his or her spouse; in order for a Sole Proprietor group to renew their group health plan with BCBSAZ they must enroll at least 1 common law employee.

Prior to the group’s renewal the group will be asked the question listed below on their Group Size Questionnaire. If the answer to this question is “No”, BCBSAZ will not able to renew the small group health plan.

As of the start of your upcoming plan year, will you employ and enroll at least one common law employee?  Yes ______ or No _____.   

Please Note:  If you or you and your spouse are the only owners of the business and the only enrollees, do not count yourselves as employees for purposes of responding to this question.

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