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What Is Your Health Insurance IQ?

Studies have shown that many Americans know little about basic health insurance terms and are uncertain about health care reform provisions…

Percentage of Americans Knowing Basic Terminology:

  • Premium (41%)- The amount you pay each month to maintain your coverage
  • HMO (34%)- Health Maintenance Organization, or health insurance combining a range of coverages in a group basis
  • Coinsurance (25%)- The percentage of change of a charge for a covered medical service that you needto pay yourself
  • Deductible (55%)- The amount you pay before your insurance starts to pay its portion of costs for a covered health expense

Other facts:

  • 54% consider themselves uninformed about 2010  healthcare reform legislation
  • 34% don’t know if their health insurance coverage plans cover diagnostic services such as sonograms, x-rays and MRIs
  • 35% don’t know if their plans cover overnight hospital stays
  • 36% don’t know if their plans cover immunizations
  • 41% know whether or not their plans cover maternity care

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