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Health Net’s Wellness Tools for Members and Prospective Members

Taking charge of your health and making informed decisions are important steps toward successful and long-term well-being. In June, Health Net will offer a live call/webinar geared to help increase your awareness of all the wellness resources, tools and support you have available as a Health Net member. The Health Net’s Wellness Tools for Members and Prospective Members webinar can help you begin an active health-oriented routine and send you on your way to living a healthier life.

Proactive approach

Even when you’re feeling fine, it’s important to take preventive measures to help manage your health and identify potential health risks. This class demonstrates how each of our Health Net member resources – including our nurse advice line, healthy discounts program, wellness programs, mobile app, telephonic and online resources – are uniquely designed to provide the information you need to generate a healthier lifestyle.

Register today!

The Health Net’s Wellness Tools for Members and Prospective Members webinar will be held on Wednesday, June 21, from 12:00 p.m. to 12:45 p.m. Pacific time. You can register by clicking on the link below.


Remember, the monthly webinars are offered to all Health Net members and to the general public. Feel free to share this information with your friends and co-workers!


Know the signs: Recognizing oral cancer

It’s to your advantage if your doctor or dentist gets a little mouthy during your next checkup. A thorough mouth exam can protect you from oral cancer.More than 30,000 cases of the cancer are diagnosed in the United States each year, according to the National Cancer Institute (NCI).Scientists continue to study the disease to learn its cause and how to prevent it. Two known causes are tobacco and alcohol use.

What is oral cancer?

Like cells anywhere in the body, cells in the mouth can start dividing uncontrollably and form tumors. The cells in cancerous tumors can break away, travel to other parts of the body, and start new tumors in other tissues or organs.

Oral cancer may affect the tongue, gums, inside of the cheeks or very top of the throat, where it meets with the back of the mouth.

Symptoms of oral cancer

Oral cancer usually occurs in people older than 60, but it can strike at any age. If any of the following symptoms last more than two weeks, the NCI recommends seeing a dentist or doctor:

  • A sore in the mouth that doesn’t heal.
  • A lump or thickening in the cheek.
  • White or red patches on the gums, tongue or lining of the mouth.
  • Soreness or a feeling that something is caught in the throat.
  • Trouble chewing or swallowing.
  • Difficulty moving the jaw or tongue.
  • Numbness of the tongue or mouth.
  • Swelling of the jaw that causes dentures to fit poorly.

Diagnosing oral cancer

An abnormal area in the mouth may require a biopsy. This involves removing some of the tissue and checking it under a microscope for cancer cells.

If the biopsy reveals cancer, x-rays and other tests will be done to see if it has spread beyond the mouth. The test results will help your doctor form recommendations for treatment.


Content from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona


Two from Ronstadt Insurance, Recognized by CMS as Nationwide Top Performers

Shara Gerhart and Karrie Reaney were recently recognized as two of the top performing agents in the country by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). This nationwide recognition as a member of the Champions Circle goes to agents and brokers for their success during the 2017 Health Insurance Marketplace Open Enrollment. Agents and brokers, who are certified through a registration process in order to assist people in enrolling in health insurance through the Marketplaces via, receive recognition when they exceed 20 consumers making plan selections on

“Agents and brokers, like the ones we have recognized, are there for people in the community,” said Kevin Counihan, Marketplace CEO. “They help people get the coverage they need for their families when they need it.”



Health Net IFP Members Will Receive Replacement Renewal Notice

Ambetter from HealthnetHealth Net of Arizona, Inc. (Health Net) recently mailed notices to Individual & Family Plan (IFP) members, letting them know that they are closing the 2016 CommunityCare HMO plans and migrating members to the Ambetter from Health Net plan plan most similar to the one they have now.  A subset of these notices had the wrong 2016 premium amount. Health Net mailed corrected notices on November 1, 2016. If you are a member of one of these plans, we ask you to call Health Net at 1-888-926-5057 (TTY: 711) with any questions, and encourage you to visit to review the summary of benefits and coverage for your new Ambetter from Health Net plan.
If you have questions, please call us at (520) 721-4848.


Is Social Security considered income when enrolling in a plan through the

Yes. Social Security income is included in the calculation to determine your subsidy eligibility.

To get your Modified Adjust Gross Income (MAGI, which is often referred to as “household income”), you start with your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your tax return. Then there are three things that must be added to your AGI if any of them apply to you:

1) Non-taxable Social Security income.
2) Foreign-earned income (and housing expenses if you live abroad).
3) Tax-exempt interest income. (more…)