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Employee Handbook Spring Cleaning

SBCNow that benefits open enrollment is finished, you may want to consider dusting off your employee handbooks for an annual review. Regularly reviewing employment policies and procedures is becoming increasingly important as workplace legislation and regulations continue to change.

Here are a few things to consider when reviewing your employee handbook: (more…)


Proof of Health Coverage

ACA LogoHow should employers respond to employees that request proof of health coverage from the employer and why are they asking?

When filing income taxes for 2014, individuals are to check a box to attest that they had health coverage.  This is due to the “Individual Shared Responsibility” provision of health care reform that was effective for calendar year 2014. (more…)


Bill Introduced to Allow Individual Medical Plan Premium Reimbursement

UpdateRepresentatives Charles Boustany, Republican from Louisiana, and Mike Thompson, Democrat from California, introduced H.R. 5860 to allow small employers with 49 or fewer employees to provide reimbursement or payment of their employee’s individual medical plan premiums on a pre-tax basis. (more…)


Sole Proprietor Groups with No Common Law Employees Enrolled Must Move to an Individual Plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona Dental plansBeginning in plan year 2015, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona (BCBSAZ) will no longer be able to renew groups that do not have at least 1 enrolled common law employee when the business is wholly owned by an Individual or by the Individual and his or her spouse; in order for a Sole Proprietor group to renew their group health plan with BCBSAZ they must enroll at least 1 common law employee. (more…)


ATTENTION Health Net Ruby 1 & Jade members

Health Net of ArizonaIf your Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Part D plan is not renewing in 2015, you should have received a notice from your plan by October 2, 2014 stating this change, your rights and options for other health coverage.

One of your rights is a Special Election Period (SEP) to join a new Medicare Advantage Plan. The SEP began December 8, 2014 and closes February 28, 2014.  Your new coverage will become effective the first day of the following month.

Please contact us if you have questions and if you would like to enroll in a new plan for February 2015.   (520) 721-4848