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“I Love My Paycheck” Photo Contest

Your paycheck funds your life — from where you live, to what you drive, to what you eat. But it doesn’t stop there. Your paycheck also makes your dreams and goals possible.

The LIFE Foundation would like to know why you love your paycheck: Is it funding your education (or maybe your kids’)? Did it allow you to buy a house? Or maybe your paycheck underwrites your shoe collection or travel habits? Share your thoughts on why you love your paycheck and add a photo, too. If they choose your entry as the winner, you’ll receive a NEW iPad! (Nice, right?)  Click here for the rules.

Then once you’re done, take a moment to better understand how you can protect your most valuable asset—your paycheck—with disability insurance. 

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Coming Up: Disability Insurance Awareness Month

67% of American workers don’t have Long Term Disability insurance through their employers, leaving them financially and physically vulnerable.

May is Disability Insurance Awareness month, and now is a great time to learn the risks of disability, the benefits of planning and the importance of having a solid income protection plan.

We support the Council for Disability Awareness and the LIFE Foundation, who have assembled various resources to increase such disability-related knowledge.

CDA Resources

  • New, improved Personal Disability Quotient (PDQ) tool– Calculate your chances of becoming disabled.
  • America’s Disability Counter – Be reminded about the frequency of disability.
  • The Disability Divide: Advisor Study – Explore the gap between consumers’ attitudes and advisors’ perceptions of those attitudes, about disabilities and their potential threat to their financial security.
  • Earnable Income Quotient (EIQ) calculator – Determine the value of your most important financial resource, your income. Will be live May 1.

LIFE’s Producer Toolkit

  • Protect Your Paycheck microsite – If you earn a paycheck, you need to protect it with disability insurance.
  • Downloadable flyers
  • Social media resources
  • Online calculators, videos, e-cards

(Information provided by Assurant Employee Benefits)

Disability Insurance Awareness Month presents a great opportunity to educate people about the role of disability insurance in income protection. Need a disability insurance quote? Click the top right link on our home page!